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Nemo's Speed Training Bat

$45.00 plus shipping & handling

Award winning Nemo's Speed Training Bat.

Nemo's Ballistic Mini Bat

$25.00 plus shipping & handling

An easy to use one handed mini bat  which helps develop quick twitch muscle fiber reaction time. Gret for one handed hitting drills. Easy to control bat balance and swing.

Nemo's DVD #5: Coach Nemo & His Friends

$34.95 plus shipping & handling

A two hour and twelve minute DVD with nine high school and college coaches sharing their favorite hitting drills using Nemo's Speed Training Bat or Triple Hitting Tee.

Nemo's Speed Training Bat & DVD #5

$79.95 plus shipping & handling

Includes a Nemo's Speed Training Bat and Nemo's DVD #5: Coach Nemo & Friends-Drills, Drills, Drills.

Nemo's Trio Package

$89.95 plus shipping & handling

Includes a Nemo's Speed Training Bat, Nemo's Ballistic Mini Bat, and Nemo's DVD #5: Coach Nemo & Friends-Drills, Drills, Drills.

Nemo's Triple Hitting Tee

$144.95 plus shipping & handling

An Advanced Functional Hitting Tee

Do you want to correct hitting faults such as dropping the bat barrel?
Too sharp a decline in the bat swing? Casting the bat away from your body?
Turning your head and eyes to the sky?

If so, Nemo's Triple Hitting Tee is the functional training aid for you to correct hitting faults in the shortest period of time...

What will it do for you immediately?  It will your bat short to the ball and long thru the hitting zone.

Its a great Hiting Tee but is now greatrer with its new advanced "Tilt Lever" developed by Coach Nemo to hit the low outside drop and curve ball.

Swing Speed Radar Timer

$119.95 plus shipping & handling

The Swing Speed Radar® is a small, affordable microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the bat swing speed of baseball and softball players. Baseball and softball players can develop their optimum bat speed for distance, quickness, and bat control for consistent ball contact.

Wheeler Dealer

$399.00 plus shipping & handling

20 Baseballs or 16 Softballs also Tennis, Whiffle, and Dimple Balls
Electronic Height Control -1 to 6 Ft
Eletronic Frequency Control -1 to 6 seconds
Zero Time Setup
1 Sq. Ft. Storage Footprint
Rugged Construction-Steel and High impact ABS
5 Year Guarantee (2 year on the Battery)

12 Hour Duty Cycle Before Recharging
24 V "Cell Power" Battery
24 V, 500 mA Battery Charger Included

Zip Net

$169.00 plus shipping & handling

12ft Long x 8.5ft high, 21 ga. Nylon
Fits a Single or 2 Car Garage
Great for Basements too
All hardware included
3yr Full Guarantee

Hurricane Sports Net

$169.00 plus shipping & handling

7.5 Ft x 7.5 Ft Hitting Area
#21 Heavy Duty Nylon Netting
"Push Button" Fiberglass Telescoping Masts
Tuffgrip 5/16" x 9" Steel Hooked Spikes
Fully Waterproof
Ships UPS Regular
DuPont® Netting
2 Year Guarantee

Additional Nemo's Speed Training Bats

Order multiple Nemo's Speed Training Bats or Nemo's Ballistic Mini Bats