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Nemo releases his 5th instructional DVD

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NFCA publishes Coach Nemo's 3rd article

In FastPitch Delivery Magazine


Modes Of Perception To Enhance The Learning Process

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Speaking & Hitting Clinics


Pennsylvania Baseball/Softball Coaches Clinic


Linfield College, Oregon Clinic


Ohio Softball Coaches Convention


West Linn High School Clinic, Oregon


Basins Best Coaches Clinic, Texas


Michigan Softball Coaches Convention


West Linn High School Clinic, Oregon


Previous Speaking Engagements

Michigan Softball Coaches Convention 2012

West Linn High School, Oregon 2012

Oregon Tech University 2011

Ohio Softball Coaches Convention 2011

Whitworth University Clinic 2010

Michigan Softball Coaches Convention 2010

Pacific University Softball Coaches Clinic 2008




January 18, 2011

Ohio Coaches Convention Testimonial

Coach Nemo:

This is Matt Frischen, I purchased the ten bats after viewing your presentation at the Ohio Softball clinic. I again wanted to thank you for your time over the weekend. My philosophy on hitting has changed for the better because of you.

I took some of your drills and passed them along to some of the students that I coached and witnessed immediate results.

Out of all the books and videos I have read and watched this was bar none the most informative and useful time I have ever used to study hitting. I wanted to thank you personally for everything. The only thing I wished I would have done different is made the purchase 4 years prior when I first saw all of your hitting tools.

Sincerely, Matt Frischen

Licking Heights Softball

About Nemo's Speed Hitting Program



Welcome to Nemo's Speed Hitting Program

Coach Dennis Nemo Tessicini is the founder of Nemo’s Speed Hitting Program. This program includes his speed-training bat, one handed bat, triple hitting tee, and five instructional DVD'S. His fifth DVD Coach Nemo & Friends was released in January 2013.
his is a complete training program using under-loading and over-loading drills in a speed circuit- training format to increase bat speed and reaction time. This program gives coaches and players the edge to enhance performance!



The Research

In the study were 75 students and several minor league players of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. The results of the test proved that a very significant increase in bat speed of 5 miles per hour could be achieved in just three weeks using this innovative training program.

You teach your hitting mechanics and simply substitute a speed training bat for a regular bat at some of your hitting circuits and this will give you a triple win.

l. Improved Hitting Fundamentals

2. Bat Speed

3. Power


About Nemo's Speed Hitting Program



How Does This Bat Get Results?

If you want to increase bat speed you must move the muscle in the direction of speed. By using Nemo's Speed training bat you have the underloader to achieve this goal.

On average you can swing a nemo bat six to eight miles faster than a regular bat therefore you are moving in the direction of bat speed.

In comparison you cannot swing a regular bat fast enough nor long enough to get in the large number of repetitions that are necessary to bring about the physiological changes to the muscle fiber to develop quick twtich muscle response time.

The regular bat is too heavy and after a few successive swings fatique will set in and with it a break down in good hitting fundamentals.

Its Simple

If you want to get home faster you step on the gas pedal????? If you do not want to get home quickly lighten up the pressure on the gas pedal?????

Another way to look at it is the following: If you wanted to increase your running speed would you run uphill or down hill??????


What does this mean to you and your team?

For every two mile increase in bat speed you have the ability to hit the ball twenty to twenty five feet further in distance.

The key question?

How will using a Nemo Bat help my hitters?

After training with this underloader can you go back to your regular heavier bat and swing it faster than you did before training? The answer is yes and we have proved it. You now have added bat speed and mass to the equation ..... net results longer distances.....




B&N Baseball/Softball Product of the Year Award


Dr. Ron Noebe; Ph. D. Started B@N Softball/Baseball to find the truths behind much of the hype that is now associated with the sport. Ron's degree is in Materials Science and he is a world expert in the analysis of materials used in the sports of baseball & softball.

Dr. McDowell; holds a Ph. D. in computer engineering, specializing in applied physics. He invented a technology called stereo imaging velocimetry that has been adapted to investigate the bat-ball phenomena.


Dr. Noebe & Dr. McDowell State

"Your product is one of the few products that can truly be used for baseball and softball. It really does work!!!"


Why is this study and increased bat speed so important to you?
You will be able to wait and see the ball longer and make a better choice in a swing, no-swing situation. You will have the necessary reaction time to achieve contact with the baseball and or softball and improve your eye-hand coordination increasing your bat speed to hit the ball for greater distances.




"If you want to increase bat speed, science suggests that you put the lead bat and the doughnut ring away."... Dr. Frank Spaniol, Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist, referring to research conducted by Dr. De Renne.
His research has consistently demonstrated that traditional on deck warm up devices, such as the doughnut ring, power swing, power sleeve and lead bat actually decreased game bat speed when used for on-deck warm-ups.
In the on deck circle; swinging a lighter bat is more functional than a heavy bat for quick twitch muscle fiber response.

How can you use this triple-purpose bat?

(1) A variety of underloading dry swing drills (phase one) combined with soft toss drills (phase two); breaking down the mechanics of the swing process leading to a quicker reaction time, bat speed and power.

(2) The key is to get in the hundreds of swings necessary to bring about the physiological changes to the muscle fiber before fatique sets in and sabotages good hitting mechanics.


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Dennis Nemo Tessicini


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